Simple Burning (Release) Ritual

Source: Paul Volkmer

A Burning ritual is a powerful spiritual practice conducted to release and remove stagnant energy from a person and or space utilizing the transformative powers of fire.

What you will need:

  • 2 sheets of paper (lines or no-lines)

  • Ink pen (Black ink)

  • Lighter or Matches

  • Single incense stick (cinnamon or dragon’s blood)

  • Incense holder

  • Fire-resistant container (cauldron, aluminum pan, bowl, etc)

*For best results perform on a Full Moon or a Saturday that falls between the Full Moon - New Moon (Waning Period of the Lunar Cycle).


Find a clean, vacant location for the ritual to be set up and conducted.

Step 1: Prep The Space

Once the best location for the ritual has been determined, place your incense stick (cinnamon or dragon’s blood) in your preferred holder. Light the tip of the incense stick for about 7-10 seconds before fanning the flame out, allow it to continuously burn for at least 5 minutes before starting the work. This step of the process is crucial as it ensures that all negative and or stagnant energy that could interfere with the success of the work will be removed.

Step 2: Find Your Root

Take out a single piece of paper and write at the top “Draft”. This will be where you freely write out the things that you feel are no longer conducive to your overall well being including your spiritual growth and development. This sheet should look a little like the example below

Step 3: Revise Your Root

Take out the next sheet of paper and with your black ink pen rewrite each of the points that were made on your “Draft” sheet in a past-tense format. This will look something like this

Step 4: Burn and Release

Once you are satisfied with what you have written down take a few moments to visualize each one of those points removed from your life. When you are ready, light the paper on fire and place it inside a fire-resistant container. Allow the petition to be completely consumed by the flames. If the flame goes out relight the petition until there is nothing left but ash. Take the ashes and scatter them to the wind.


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